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Prescription Opioid Epidemic

Prescription opioid abuse is an epidemic that is currently sweeping the nation. The Surgeon General has reached out to doctors to ask for their cooperation, but it takes more than just the doctors. 

  • "Over 249,000,000 prescriptions for opioids were written in 2013 - enough for every adult in American to have a bottle of pills." - CDC


  • Seventy percent of college students said that it was “easy or very easy” to access prescription drugs on campus without having a prescription. - 2015 College Prescription Drug Study


  • "In 2013, there were 9,858 cases involving opioid abuse/dependency in Arizona Emergency Departments." - Arizona Rx Fact Sheet


  • "Enough Rx pain relievers were dispensed last year to medicate every adult in Maricopa County around-the-clock for two weeks - 193 million pain reliever pills in Maricopa County." - Arizona Rx Fact Sheet 

Photo by Eric Hunsaker/Creative Commons
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